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corporate and structured finance


We provide tailor-made solutions to get finance in a way that best fits specific financial needs of customers. These structured products are useful as a complement to the other traditional/vanilla products provided.

Through structured products, we have the ability to offer customized exposure, including otherwise hard-to-reach asset classes and subclasses.


We provide both traditional and non-traditional tailor made solutions for companies seeking finance. We provide structured risk and non-flow financing solutions for a broad clientele. Our clients include MNCs, public and private sector companies, Mutual Funds.

We provide our clients with differentiated access to capital through our distribution platform spread nationwide catering to clients across multiple industries and multiple asset classes.

We are capable of originating, structuring and executing full capital structures solutions including

  • Acquisition funding and mezzanine debt solutions
  • Bridge Loans
  • Asset Liability Solutions
  • Take out financing.
  • General purpose Corporate loans


  • Solution oriented business with a number of successful previous transactions
  • Trusted services provider in all types of transactions
  • Better utilization of available capital
  • Flexible platform with speed to market capability
  • Hybrid solutions based on multiple-asset classes.
  • Solutions with a range of risks, interest rates and liquidity management options
  • Outstanding service from experienced and dedicated structured finance professionals, confirmed by industry leading client satisfactory scores

We have also delivered numerous other structures which involve mezzanine risk participation and options and futures within structured finance.

With a close knit team of experienced banking professionals, KMIL is well placed to help the customer tide over myriad financial challenges.

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